ISA Podcast Dec. 2011

In this podcast, sponsored by the International Screenwriter’s Association, we talk about the 8 myths of comedy. The Comedy Perception Test. And the 8 Hidden Tools of Comedy. And the last half hour is reserved for a Q&A session — your chance to have one of your burning questions about writing, directing, or performing comedy answered! 

You can listen to the podcast here

5 Responses to ISA Podcast Dec. 2011

  1. Hi, I wish to know if there is any possibility of dates in Rome, Italy, I am a screeenwriter and director and I have a dramedy to rewrite.

    • admin says:

      Right now, we have no dates scheduled in Rome (but I’d love to go there if we’re invited!) We are going to be in London in October 2013.

  2. Dave Samuleson says:

    Would love to listen to this, but I’m getting the following when I click the link:

    “Conference playback URL has expired, please contact the conference host for more details.”

    Anyway you can reupload it somewhere?
    Pretty please?

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