• Jack Black (School of Rock, Shallow Hal)
  • Nathan Lane (The Producers)
  • Nia Vardalos (My Big Fat Greek Wedding)
  • Bob Odenkirk (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Mr. Show)
  • Dave Crane (Friends)
  • Michael Patrick King (Sex and The City)
  • Rita Rudner (Stand-Up)
  • Mark O’Donnell (Hairspray)
  • Kathy Griffen (Average Joe, Suddenly Susan)
  • Andy Kindler (Everybody Loves Raymond)
  • Josh Malina (West Wing)
  • Sam McMurray (King of Queens)

Peter Tolan
David Crane
John Leguizamo
Illeana Douglas
Oliver Platt
  Josh Malina
Mercedes Ruehl
Kathy Griffin
Bob Odenkirk
Many Others!

Ugly Betty
Big Love
Everybody Loves Raymond
with John Travolta
Chicken Little
Girl, Interrupted
Tenacious D
  Friends, Sex and the City
Mr. Show, SNL
The Daily Show w/Jon Stewart
Will & Grace, Joey
Late Night with Conan O’Brien
Kathy Griffin:
“Strong Black Woman” special
Many Others!

Curb Your Enthusiasm
The Drew Carey Show
Men In Black I & II
Oliver Beane
Waiting for Guffman
School of Rock
Whose Line Is It Anyway?
  The West Wing
Shallow Hal
The Daily Show with John Stewart
Scary Movie 2
The King of Queens
Comedy Central Presents
Many Others!

A very important influence Steve breaks the fine art of comedy down

“Steve Kaplan was a very important influence on me as a writer. Many of his techniques for analyzing a comedy scene I still use to this day. Although I make sure I never give him credit.”

- Steve Skrovan
Everybody Loves Raymond

“I wrote…my best, funniest sketches thanks, in no small part, to the lessons I learned from Steve Kaplan’s comedy classes. Steve breaks the fine art of comedy down…that helps the unfunny become funny, and the funny become funnier.”

- David Fury, Emmy-Winning Writer/Producer for
24, Lost, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and more!

Easy-to-use practical skills and tools Gangbusters

“If you’re one of those people who thinks ‘being funny’ is something you either ‘have’ or ‘don’t have,’ I’m telling you now: you’re wrong. DEAD WRONG. Steve Kaplan’s Comedy Intensive may not be able to give you talent, but it does give you a new understanding of comedic processes, as well as easy-to-use practical skills and tools that give comedic muscle to anything you’re writing, acting, or directing. And while talent helps, study with Steve, apply what you learn, and– I promise you– the talent can be faked.”

–Chad Gervich, author of Small Screen, Big Picture

“I still talk about your seminar. It was Gangbusters”

-Greg Dean, author of “Step by Step to Stand-up Comedy”

Years’ worth of lessons A Comedy WARRIOR

“Taught me years’ worth of lessons about performance and theatre.”

- Christopher Titus, creator/writer of “Titus” / Actor / Comedian

“Steve Kaplan is more than a comedy “teacher” or “director”… he’s what we call a Comedy WARRIOR. [and] there’s no Warrior you’d want in your foxhole more than Steve Kaplan…”

- Billy Grundfest, Writer/Supervising Producer of “Mad About You.”
Also writer for The Academy Awards and Emmy Awards.

Highly recommended Real value

“A Comedy Expert! Highly recommended for all those with comic ambitions.”

- Caryn West, Audition Coach

“It was of real value for me as an actor and as a sitcom dialogue coach. It gave me new insights and understanding on why I do and don’t laugh at material.”

- Judy Kerr, Author “Acting is Everything!”

Comedy from all angles Exactly what I’ve always wanted

“Steve’s class is the first I’ve taken where every point was equally applicable to acting, writing and directing. I’m able to see comedy from all angles in a way I wasn’t before.”

– Bill Funt, “The New Candid Camera”

“I actually came to the seminar because I had been seeing and hearing about your intensives for years and I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. I literally came with the attitude of “what can he possibly teach me about comedy that I don’t already know?” With the few successes I’ve had as a writer and my current studies at Second City and The Groundlings, I figured I already had my comedy bases covered, so to speak. But, to my pleasant surprise, your intensive turned out to be exactly what I’ve always wanted out of these type of seminars. I’ve taken classes on comedy that use terms and over explain concepts to the point that you walk away thinking nothing is funny anymore. You end up holding onto that thought like a badge of honor, as if only those that know how comedy works are privileged enough to not find things funny anymore. To me, an attitude like that can be detrimental to your comedy, not helpful. Your intensive, on the other hand, offered simple terms and had a whimsy to it that made any new concepts paletteable. I had a blast and learned a lot! I now find myself using your terms and seeing things through the filter of the concepts you presented, which help me not only breakdown and understand why I find something funny, but also helps me create the funny and fix existing ideas that weren’t working.”

–Dwayne Colbert, Actor/Writer

A great experience! It was great to have the opportunity

“We’ve been hearing nothing but great things about the class. People even wrote me thank you notes– That’s saying a lot, coming from extremely busy animators. Thank you for a great experience!”

– Katie Koskenmaki, Artistic Development Coordinator, DreamWorks Animation

“I just wanted to reiterate our thanks to you for being such a star! It was great to have the opportunity to attend the workshop and hear your insights, and all of the writers we sent there also had fantastic things to say about the experience.”

–Ms Charlie Carman, Film Victoria

I have no doubt I will be dipping into your “toolbox” for the rest of my career. I’ve always thought no one can teach how to do comedy, I was wrong

“Firstly thank you so much for coming to Australia and imparting all your knowledge – I was able to put your advice into action immediately. Thre was this one line in the play I am currently performing in (“Rabbit Hole” by David Lindsay – Abaire – I play the role of Izzy) – which I had not been able to land – and I had tried everything – with no success. On opening night I even talked to some of our countries best theatrical comedy actors and asked how they would do it – and then tried their approaches – but still no real laugh. Then on Saturday as I was coming up to the line – it suddenly dawned on me that I was playing the line with too much insight – my character knew too much – and as simple as that – huge laugh. So thank you so much – I have no doubt I will be dipping into your “toolbox” for the rest of my career.”

—Queenie van de Zandt, Actor/Singer/Writer

“I really enjoyed this weekend, thank you. I thought I was going to hate it because I’ve always thought no one can teach how to do comedy, I was wrong.”

–Josh Thomas, Winner, “Best New Talent” Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Have never gotten farther faster than I did with one consultation Acquired new skills and perspectives on comedy writing

“Steve knows comedy and story. He helped me see how to pull together elements in my script and to make it more compelling. He knew what I was trying to do and helped me to make it stronger. I have been writing for years and have never gotten farther faster than I did with one consultation with Steve.”

–John A., screenwriter

“Walking away from the two day intensive the team appeared to have a newfound confidence. Having acquired new skills and perspectives on comedy writing, character and theme, there was no doubt that Steve Kaplan’s Comedy Intensive was going to be a constant point of reference throughout the ongoing development of ‘Too Far’.”

–Marc Gracie – Producer ‘Too Far’

His observations rang bells, lit bulbs, threw switches Lays out the mechanics of funny

“The material he covered confirmed some things we had only guessed at and also opened new doors. There were several moments when his observations rang bells, lit bulbs, threw switches. Simple human truths are often like that. We slap our foreheads and say, ‘I knew that – why did I never think it?’ Wise men like Kaplan tell us things written in our DNA.”

–Tim Ferguson – Writer/ Producer ‘Circle Work’

“Kaplan lays out the mechanics of funny, in a way that can be applied to every situation. His class was invaluable to me as a writer and a director. I wish I had taken it years ago.”

–Don Handfield, Writer/Director

Takes the burden of “being funny” off of me and the characters My script is MUCH better because of your seminar

“I attended this past weekend’s comedy workshop. I was having trouble with a script and now I understand why I was struggling. Having the concept of wavy line/straight line to work with, along with the other tools you gave us, takes the burden of “being funny” off of me and the characters. Now we can do what we do best: be honest. And when the time’s right, we can be funny or silly. It’s like something in my heart opened and I feel this ultimate sense of emotional freedom. Thank you again so much.”

–April Jackson, Writer

“I was polishing my script for William Morris and Brillstein-Grey over the weekend and it’s MUCH better because of your seminar. I think the best thing you taught was the Alex and Emma example and the Dan Akroyd “Boo” line. I thought about those two examples with every line I re-wrote and the result was a much more believable story. Thank you for that.”

–David Kim, Writer

You have really helped us take it to the next level By far the most lucid, useful and entertaining class I’ve taken on the subject

“Just wanted to thank you for your amazing insights into our film. You have really helped us take it to the next level and I am really grateful for that.”

–Frazer Bailey, Director

“Your class is by far the most lucid, useful and entertaining I’ve taken on the subject. I really enjoyed your insights into what makes comedy tick.”

–Jan Pfeiffer, Writer

Very instructive, concise and motivational  

“Thanks for bringing your workshop to Vancouver, I for one really enjoyed the session and found it to be very instructive, concise and motivational. I think what surprised most about the workshop was again discovering how deeply ingrained the basic principles of character and story remain fairly constant throughout the different genres. That might sound like an obvious statement to make, but despite being able to breakdown the obvious arcs, plots and themes of a comedy, before the workshop, I was never able to fully understand the hidden conventions. So for me, the best thing about the workshop is that for the first time in my writing career, I finally feel confident that I actually have the right tools and insights to be able to tackle the daunting prospect of writing a comedy screenplay.”

–Ray Chopping, Writer/Director

“Thanks for helping me see the possibility of what can be accomplished in the right environment.”

- Sandra Tsing Loh, Award-winning Writer/Performer

Insightful lessons You have reminded me that it’s also fun to write

“I wanted to thank you so much for bringing your informative Comedy Intensive workshop to New York last month. Your insightful lessons opened my eyes to the writing and performing of comedy, and now I feel more confident to pursue this as a career. I am currently writing a 1-woman show, and your workshop was extremely helpful in this process, both as a writer and a performer.”

–J.S., Writer/Performer

“I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the seminar. I had recently taken Bob McKee’s Seminar and found it to be really helpful in trouble shooting my existing screenplays, however, I find that it has also inhibited me a little in writing anything new.

I found your seminar to be much more creative and somewhat inspiring. My understanding of comedy, and writing in general seems clearer. I don’t know if it’s the manner by which you convey the information, or the subject itself, but you’ve certainly got me writing new material again.

While Mr. McKee’s seminar reinforced my abilities to write, you have reminded me that it’s also fun to write. Something I had forgotten in my quest to be a paid writer.

Many thanks.”

- B.L., Writer